From the inception of AIS, Sine Qua Non has supplied industry leading technology to the market. All our legacy products date back to 1992 in development. As of March 1 2013 We have ceased all production and are concentrating on developing a new product range for 2014. As our initial products were designed long before any formal AIS documentation, our new product range is being designed utilizing the latest AIS input documents thereby meeting new default requirements. Sine Qua Non is an internet only company. ALL communication is via email

Status Update For New AIS Communications Test Set.

As of June 1 2014 we are 70% complete with our new development. Should you require an AIS Test Set in the short term then it would be best for you to purchase one of the current compettetor units. Once our new unit is complete and is launced, we beleive it will once again become the de-facto standard for AIS Test. If you have left you email details below we will keep you posted!

AIS Communications Test Set.

Our new AIS Communications Test Set will operate similar to industry standard communications service test sets. This will negate the need for lengthy menu's and learning curves on the part of the user.

AITS-R OEM Verification Certificate.

From 1 July 2014 legacy units may be returned to the "AIS Test" workshop for repair and re-verification according to original factory specifications..

How To Return A Unit To AIS Test Workshop.

1.From 1 July 2014 legacy units may be returned to the "AIS Test" workshop for repair and re-verification.

2.Pre-authorization is necessary to return a product for repair and or re-verification .

3.For warranty service, enclose a scanned copy of your sales receipt with your email. If a copy of the original purchase receipt is not available, your product may be deemed out-of-warranty. .

4.If you are uncertain what product you own and or require a quote please contact us by email.

5.Please complete and send all the fields of the "Return Manufacturers Authorization Process" .

Legacy Equipment

Please use one of the following graphic links to download the operational and technical manuals for legacy product's.

Return Manufacturers Authorization Process

Please do not send your unit untill you have received an RMA number and the return process by email!.

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Your Product Serial Number
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Reason For Return


If you are interested in the development of our new product range and wish to be kept in the loop, please fill in the email below and indicate which product you are interested in. We will keep you updated as the devlopment continues.

George Fyfe
28 Mustang Ave,Pierre Van Ryneveld,Centurion. 0157
Email : george@sinequanonth.co.za

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